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Premium Alcohol-Free Wines (0% vol)

Wine is associated with cherished traditions going back thousands of years and reaching across continents and cultures. Wine is also good for you – the polyphenols (resveratrol) in wine have many health benefits; from anti-aging to preventing cardiovascular diseases. And, of course, a skillfully made wine tastes delicious.

So what’s the down side? In a word, alcohol. Once consumed, the ethanol in alcohol is broken down by the liver into a toxic chemical called acetaldehyde, which does some very bad things to our bodies, including damaging our DNA. Heavy alcohol consumption could link to different kinds of cancer and skin damage.

That is why the winemakers have put so much time, effort and research into producing a wine with all the flavours, traditions and health benefits. Our carefully selected winemakers produce almost 100% alcohol-free wines using a process based on traditional wine making skill, and advanced technology to remove the alcohol.

Our range of non-alcoholic wines (alcohol free wines) presents an exciting option for premium wine lovers, with close to 0% vol. These exceptional range of non-alcoholic wines are perfect for those who wish to live a wellness lifestyle, answering a growing global trend towards moderation of alcohol. With less than half the calories of standard wine and rich in antioxidant, alcohol-free wines are healthy options for all.

It is also a good alternative for the health conscious, those who are allergic to alcohol, pregnant women, vegetarians, diabetics, designated drivers or just anyone who does not drink alcoholic beverages.

We at Alcohol Free Wines Malaysia aim to promote a healthy lifestyle by presenting you this sophisticated beverage, without cultural and religious restriction. Cheers!

“Non-alcoholic wine makes sense in today’s health conscious environment. 

They are more than just a fad, they are a new habit”