Alcohol Free Wine: An overview 2020-07-20T12:16:06+00:00

De-alcoholised Wine: An overview

Alcohol free wines start life as alcoholic wines but have the alcohol removed in the final process. They are made in exactly the same way as alcoholic wines so you gain all the health benefits without alcohol intoxication.

You like wine but cannot consume because of the alcohol content? If this is the case with you, then alcohol free wine is waiting for wine lovers like you. Non-alcoholic wine is an excellent source antioxidant and thus proves to be a health beverage.

There are many reasons behind consuming wines, but non-alcoholic wines have their own set of reasons as well as excuses. There are many side effects which can occur on consuming alcohol but drinking non-alcoholic wine is the wisest alternative. And we believe that non-alcoholic wine serves the purpose better than alcoholic wine or any other alcoholic drink. Non-alcoholic wine has very less calorie content compared to that of regular wine (average of 20 kcal per 100ml)

Some researches suggest that non-alcoholic wines are quite effective in controlling cholesterol levels, fighting heart diseases and reducing the chance of having cancer.