What is ESPORA premium de-alcoholised wine

//What is ESPORA premium de-alcoholised wine

What is ESPORA premium de-alcoholised wine

Wine is associated with cherished traditions going back thousands of years and reaching across continents and cultures. Wine is also good for you – the polyphenols and antioxidants in wine have many health benefits, from anti-aging to preventing cardiovascular diseases. And, of course, a skilfully made wine tastes delicious.


So what’s the down side? In a word, alcohol. Once consumed, the ethanol in alcohol is broken down by the liver into a toxic chemical called acetaldehyde, which does some very bad things to our bodies, including damaging our DNA. Heavy alcohol consumption has been linked to different kinds of cancer and skin damage.


This is why we’ve put so much time, effort and research into producing a wine with all the flavour, tradition and health benefits. Our cellar in Silleda, in the Spanish province of Pontevedra, produces 100% alcohol-free wines using a process based on traditional skill and knowledge, and advanced technology to remove the alcohol.


ESPORA presents an exciting option for premium wine lovers. This exceptional range of de-alcoholised wines (halal and vegan friendly) is perfect for celebrations, as an accompaniment with food or enjoyed on its own.


We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle by presenting you this sophisticated beverage, without cultural and religious restriction. Cheers!

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